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Christmas Video Shoot!

Let us help you craft a professional video message for your clients and sphere to wish them happy holidays, and thank them for their support! 
YLP Media Group can help you create a professional video message that you can share through social media, email, or your website. 
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Space is limited
book your 15 minute appointment below


December 13th - 9am to 5pm

  1.    Prior to your scheduled video shoot:
    • Determine what message you would like to convey to your audience.  ​
      • Typically these are presented to your clients and sphere and should be approximately 30 seconds long.
    • What props (if any) will you need for your video?
      • Santa Hats are always popular.  
    • What outfit or costume will you need for your video? 
      •  I know you've been looking for a reason to drag out that elf outfit.
  2.    Arrive early and we can help you with preparation and scripting.  
    •   We recommend coming in at least 30min before your appt.​ ​​
  3.    You are welcome to do Group or Individual Videos (or both)
  4.    Refreshments will be served.   
    • Wine and Spirits will be available to help take the edge off our nervous superstars!
  5.    Once completed the Media Team will prepare the raw video footage. 
  6.    I will disperse it to you once completed so you can deliver it to your audience.     
    • If your video requires additional editing please let me know and I can assist you.
  7.     Expect to have fun!!! 
Not interested in being the STAR in front of the camera? 
Just stop by for refreshments, say hi, and encourage our future superstars!   
We would love to see you.  

What to Expect / Instructions


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And if I could ask you for a favor, 
We are collecting donations for the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County and encourage you to help us support child abuse prevention.   
            For information about the CACCC or their current needs click here! 
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