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Mastering the buyer experience

2 hours CE  -  TREC Course # 36899 - $10

Presented by: Tristan Sherrill  TREC instructor license #626

With buyer behaviors changing it's more important than ever to ensure your presentation creates trust and referrals!  Learn the tools and proven techniques to create the ultimate client experience! 

happy buyers.png

Learn how to

  • overcome buyers fears and stay on track!

  • understand and decipher what the buyer is thinking!

  • dial in your presentation to sell more and earn more!

  • create the optimal mindset for the buyer to buy now!

  • establish and control the home search process!

  • get a commitment from the buyer and move to the next stage!

  • give the buyer permission to buy now instead of continuing to look!

  • & Establish yourself as the expert that your clients want to refer!

I will master something, then the creativity will come. 


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