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Get approved faster!

The approval process carries some anxiety.  We understand and want to make the process as stress free and convenient as possible.  Part of that process is being pro-active and getting you from application to approval as quickly as possible.  HERE ARE 5 WAYS TO MAKE THE LOAN PROCESS GO FASTER.


Have all your documents ready and in one place so that you can provide them quickly and we can review them quickly and move you to approval. 


For a list of common items click here.


Complete the application thoroughly and honestly.  Omitting or exaggerating information won't move the process along faster.  Everything has to be verified so in the end it will invalidate our efforts and make the process ultimately take longer. 


It's a Team effort so we are counting on you too! 

Respond promptly to requests for additional information.  The quicker we get explanations or additional required documents the faster the process goes. 


Be prepared to explain situations.  We may need a letter of explanation for certain situations so that we can provide it to the underwriter.  Perhaps about a job gap,  credit issues due to a divorce or an illness.  Just be honest, we aren't judging you, we're just gathering the facts so that we can provide your approval. 


Let the appraiser in! 

The appraisal can be one of the more time consuming parts of the lending process.  An appraiser not being able to reach the homeowner to schedule the appraisal can really set back the entire process. 


REMEMBER:  a little clutter or dirty dishes won't affect the overall value.   

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