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  1. We will close your loan on time!

  2. We will review your mortgage options to ensure we are providing you options for the     best home finance solutions to meet your goals and needs!

  3. We will ask questions and listen to you in order to fully understand your needs and       tailor a mortgage solution with those goals in mind!

  4. We will make your loan process as smooth and stress free as possible!

  5. We will monitor the marketplace so that we can provide you the best rate and terms     that we can!

  6. We will provide candid and transparent explanations of our fees and terms!

  7. We will be responsive and reachable to help you and to answer your questions!

  8. We will stay in touch with you throughout the home finance process and continue our relationship with you far beyond this transaction!

  9. We will treat you with respect and honesty.  We will listen and we will work to foster mutual trust!

  10. We will be your friend in the mortgage business!

Our 10 Commitments to you!

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